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Tiki Adventure Game Assets & UI Design

Tiki Adventure by Danny Birch is a casual match-3 mobile game for which I was commissioned to design all game assets and UI. It needed to have an Aztec/Tiki feel overall but be modern, colourful & fun. The functionality of the UI needed to be very obvious to the player, as it’s a very straight-forward game and should be intuitive to play, so the user is only challenged in the game itself – not in using the interface.



The level map needed to have different zones so it feels like the player is progressing through different lands as they unlock new levels. Landmarks along the way mark progress while also adding visual interest to the map. The level buttons fit the style of each section of land – tree stumps for the forest, Lilly pads through the lake and stones through the desert. The level UI is clear and self-explanatory – locks show levels that aren’t yet playable. Stars show the result of the best score the player has achieved for that level.