AnimationGame Art

Fishbowl Mobile Game Backgrounds

Fishbowl is a game-based simulation that teaches the player how to work through projects and grow a successful business using the Fishbowl Project Management model. I was commissioned to design the working environment, starting with the initial home office then moving onto all of the expansions that are added as the company grows including a break room, meeting room, pet zone, gym, game zone, innovation room and more.

The designs needed a fairly quick turn-over and had a set budget, so I came up with a style that looks very clean, modern and attractive but that is also very simplistic. This meant the artwork didn’t require an unnecessarily long time to create but still looked great and delivered all of the aspects required.



Character design & basic animation

Characters needed do be designed in a way that they could be placed into the environment on the top layer of their allocated room without it interfering with the layering of any objects in the room. So where the character is to be placed behind a desk facing forward, the lower part of the character needed to be sliced away so the legs and bottom of the chair are not layered on top of the desk.


The animations were created in Esoteric Software’s Spine, with each character design created with exactly the same size body parts – just minor shape and colour adjustments – so that once the first character was animated each design could be added as a different “skin” and exported, rather than having to animate each character separately.