Spy Danger – Illustrations

Spy Danger, the second book in the Baker Family Series, sees the Bakers through an adventure at Castle Arden “but when they uncover a plot to steal forgotten treasures, Millie, Jamie, Zach and their dog Harvey know they have to act.”

Spy Danger - Children's book illustrations by Claire Adele

Author Justin Davis and I discussed an option to to work with a black and white drawing style for this book, rather than the full colour illustrations used previously in Book 1 – Escape from Nettle Farm. It was important to make sure that the imagery still came across as intriguing and dynamic enough to capture the attention and imagination of children’s minds. This was a successful outcome and the black and white sketchy style reflects the mysterious nature of the story.

The book consists of 48 illustrations in total, including a full map of the castle grounds for children to explore as the story is being told.

Spy Danger is available to purchase from Blue Falcon Publishing.