AnimationGraphic Design

Malavara – Website Graphics & Video

During their launch preparations, Malavara commissioned multiple navigation icons, instructional diagrams and informative animations for their oil-based supercharged hair and body products.

Home Page Icons

These needed to be very clear and consistent with the established style of the website, demonstrating the navigational categories with a feeling of luxury.

Malavara - Ayurveda Hair and Body Oil Products

Instructional Diagrams

Malavara wanted their diagrams to clearly convey the information while keeping the style consistent with their branding, but they also wanted something a bit different – keeping the diagrams visually interesting.

Video Animation

Malavara created an instructional video sharing knowledge on “How to Oil Hair in 5 Steps” and required an animation demonstrating what causes hair to become frizzy and breakable.

Malavara - Ayurveda Hair and Body Oil Products

You can check out the full informative “How to Oil Hair in 5 Steps” video here, which includes the animation and illustrations: