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Blinky Bears Concepts & App UI design

BlinkyBear Environment Concepts

BlinkyBears are cute, otherworldly stuffed toys with an LED panel on their tummy which can display text and images to create a fun light display. Initially I was asked to create some concept art for how the environments of each bear could look, based on their “type” and ideas of other creatures that could be seen on those planets.

The app that is used to control the LED panel on BlinkyBears needed to be designed based on a pre-made app which was created for a different product entirely, but with similar basic functions. The challenge in this was to make the app look attractive and fit BlinkyBears branding, making sure it is very easy to use, whilst at the same time keeping the basic functionality the same as the original app so that minimal code changes were required. The majority of the app could be successfully overwritten with the new design’s assets, with some parts needing simple position adjustments and unwanted sections of the pre-made app removed. Managing to do this for the client meant that the app would not need to be designed from scratch, saving a lot of time and costs on the project overall.