Alluna and Brie UI Design

Alluna and Brie and the Tentacle Menace is a turn based RPG by Lached Up Games, currently in development. I was commissioned to give the UI a complete overhaul as so far the game had only been created to function with mock UI assets. All of the characters, painted backgrounds, items etc. had already been produced by other artists and had been supplied to me so that I could work them into the designs, making sure the UI worked against the game assets.

In-game UI

The HUD was the first part to be worked on, so that the general look and style of the UI could be designed and the rest of the game’s UI graphics could span outward from there. I had been provided with various reference images on preferred influences and colour schemes by the game designer, as well as a request that the HUD include tentacle elements to reflect the theme and that it can work against various different pre-made backgrounds. Once I had worked through some rough designs and developed them based on feedback, the UI style was decided.


Menu UI

From here I could start designing the other game menus, navigation, stats, icons and dialogue containers for the other scenes, keeping the style consistent throughout.


Character Status Scenes

Quite a lot of information needed to be included on the character status scenes, as well as the pre-made character sprites and background illustrations. It was important to include all of this information in a way that is very clear and self-explanatory, making sure it doesn’t look too crowded. Using dividers helped to split each section of information into it’s own area, guiding the eye to a small piece of information at a time so it does not become overwhelming or confusing.

A full background was produced for each different character’s sprite and background illustration, making it really easy and simple for the developer to implement each character’s stats scene.

Victory scene


The Gamecore is a device within the game that Brie can use to contact other characters, check their friendship status on the “heart beats” scene and play mini-games “max heart minute” and “insectivirus”. These scenes needed to have a similar style and feel to them, but needed to be different enough to feel like a separate menu/device within the game to make it obvious the scenes are within the Gamecore, rather than the main game.